Beef and Banana Dog Treats

Black lab in the woods

Dogs like it simple. This easy two-ingredient recipe creates a treat your pet is sure to love. Take them along on your next hike or break into small pieces for training treats. Use any cut of beef or liver. Banana adds flavor and a smooth consistency. Adjust the drying time to your liking: shorter for a softer easy-to-chew snack (great for older dogs), longer for a crispy carry anywhere treat.

½ large or 1 whole small banana, 86g / 3 oz
227g / 8 oz beef, cut in cubes
60-120g / ¼ - ½ C water

Total time: 5 hours
Equipment: SAHARA Folding Dehydrator.

Place ingredients in a blender, using only ¼ C water to start. Blend until smooth and creamy. Spread on 1 entire regular-sized silicon mat with a spatula. Set Sahara dehydrator temperature to 165F / 74C. Dry for 5 hours or to your preference.

After one hour the surface should be uniformly darker than the original spread and will have a sheen like leather on the surface. Push “Pause” button and remove rack from Sahara to a flat counter. Slide the silicone mat from the rack. Starting at a shorter edge, peel up one corner, gently lifting from the silicon mat until the shorter edge is free. Then holding both corners, lift to remove completely. Carefully lay the treat sheet directly on the rack with the moist side up.

Option A: After dehydrating for another hour (two hours total) remove the banana meat sheet from the rack and lay on a cutting board. Slice the sheet into small squares and transfer back to the dehydrator rack. Dry for an additional 3 hours.

Option B: After fully dry, break into bite size pieces.

Cool completely and store in the refrigerator or vacuum seal the treats.

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