Homemade Gift Ideas with the Folding Proofer

Nothing is more thoughtful than a handmade gift. Making your own memorable gifts is easy and fun with a Folding Proofer. Use this list to start planning your DIY gifts throughout the year. Many of these ideas are great for parties, events and other occasions too.

Chocolate Dipped Homemade Marshmallows

Chocolate dipped marshmallows

Tempering chocolate is the easiest part of working with chocolate — a little stirring is all that’s required. Coat marshmallows with chocolate and dip in your favorite topping. We used graham crackers, beet powder, crushed candy canes, toasted coconut, chopped nuts and delicious powdered matcha green tea.

Custard-Style Yogurt

Custard style yogurt gift ideas

Make thick “custard-style” yogurt without the need for additives like gelatin or powdered dry milk. Use a full-size paper cupcake liner or fabric secured with ribbon for a festive wrap.

Chocolate Decorated Gingerbread Cookies

Chocolate decorated gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies are an annual tradition and a delicious gift to share with close friends and family.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate dipped pretzels

A wonderful gift idea or party favors with easy tempering of chocolate. Use dark, milk or white chocolate for a sweet treat on pretzel sticks. Paper baking cups make a great presentation.

Homemade Fresh Cheese

Homemade fresh cheese gift ideas

This soft, mild homemade fresh cheese has a wide appeal among kids and adults. With the touch of a button, the Proofer makes the key 12-hr ripening period foolproof. Herbs such as fresh chives are colorful and delicious.

Homemade Croissants and Raspberry Jam

Homemade croissant and raspberry jam gift

Sweet doughs and croissants often contain butter and do well at temperatures that are warm, but below the melting point of butter. We recommend 80 °F / 27 °C for these doughs, or 84 °F / 29 °C if they are cold from the refrigerator. See our Bread Rising Tips.

Dark and White Chocolate Stars

Dark and white chocolate star-shaped cookies

Place chopped cherries, cranberries, nuts, crushed candy cane, or your choice of colorful all dried foods or candy in the bottom of silicon shaped pans. We used organic cut up fruit snacks. Pour tempered white chocolate over each and wait until almost set. Add tempered dark chocolate and allow to firmly set.

Homemade Black Garlic

Homemade black garlic gift ideas

Black garlic is the new wonder ingredient for high-end chefs and cooking shows. Make your own black garlic in the Folding Proofer by slow-roast aging for 4 weeks. Leave the thin papery skin on the black cloves to maintain freshness.

Chocolate Bark and Truffles

Chocolate bark and truffles

 If you’re looking for ideas for delicious gifts, chocolate bark is one of the easiest treats you can make even if you have only minutes to spare.

Homemade Cultured Butter

Homemade cultured butter gift ideas

 What could be more special than homemade cultured butter? No churning required! While any heavy cream can be used, higher quality ingredients will produce even more delicious cultured butter. Try blackberry butter, papaya & lime, rosemary & olive, mixed spices, lemon & lime citrus, honey & nut, black truffle butter or your own favorite flavors.

Buttermilk Seed Bread

Buttermilk seed bread

 Richly studded with seeds and nuts, this tasty whole-grain loaf is packed with nutrition. Buttermilk Seed Bread is a great gift any time of year.

Homemade Water Kefir

Homemade water kefir bottles

 A short fermentation cycle makes it one of the easiest and quickest fermented foods to make. Completely caffeine-free and packed with probiotics, water kefir is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional soda.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade cinnamon rolls gift ideas

 Made with the finest, all-natural ingredients, these are completely amazing homemade cinnamon rolls.

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