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Use precise temperatures to control your starter like never before. The Sourdough Home is designed to heat or cool to keep your starter at the perfect temperature. Feed your starter on your schedule: from twice a day to once a week. Change temperature to adjust the flavor profile, aroma, and texture of your bread.

Degree-by-degree setpoints from 5-50°C (41-122°F).
Fits a single 1 quart/1 liter jar or 2 small jars.
Two shelves for flexible storage of small items.
Outside Dimensions: 11x8x10 in (28x23x25 cm)
Inside Dimensions: 7.5x5⅛x5.5 in (19x13x14 cm)
Power: 100-240V

Patent Pending

Limited Stock Available

*All Brod & Taylor Canada orders above $50 INCLUDE shipping fees.

**Expected arrival: March 2023.



Customer Reviews

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My starter has been in the frig for months. I took it out, fed and put it in it’s new home. Fed every 12 hrs times 3, and it is bubbling away!!! Thrilled with this purchase.

Karen Jones
What is Seed Ratio?

I cannot wait for you to get some stock in for us Canadians, eh! :) My question is, looking through the FAQs and your chart on proposed feeding schedules, I don't understand the heading of Seed Ratio. Can you elaborate?

Btw, I'm rating the product 5 stars in advance because I know this is going to be a game changer!


Great little home

I bought this as soon as it came out. Before I would keep my sourdough starter on my counter. I feed it once a day and I would try and make sure that the starter is still at its peak when it needs to be fed again. Sometimes, depending on the day, if it was warmer, it would rise, peak and fall before I had time to feed it again. On colder days, it would still be at its peak by the time I had to feed it. So this little home has been working wonders. I set it at 68º F and with my smart temperature meter that I placed in the unit is reading within 1º of what it's set at. The humidity is also stable around 50%. Overall I'm happy with my home and would definitely recommend, especially if your kitchen's ambient temp fluctuates. I did have one issue, but it was resolved by unplugging the unit and plugging it back in after a few seconds. The issue was, it wasn't dimming after 30 seconds like the manual stated. The customer service agent said the unit might have needed to be reset. I haven't had this issue again and don't think I will.

Uses about 100 watts

How much electricity does 100W use?
around 0.1kW an hour
A non-energy-saving 100W light bulb uses around 0.1kW an hour, which would cost 5.2p an hour to use. That means that ten 100W light bulbs being used at once would require 1kW, which would cost 52p an hour.

I love it!

I love it for sourdough starter. Just received it today. My only wish was that it was big enough to fit a gallon jar you could brew kombucha in it.