• Spice & Coffee Grinder

Spice & Coffee Grinder

Spice & Coffee Grinder


Fast and quiet grinding with sharpened blades and a specialized motor. Easily change coarseness with grind time.

Innovative design includes a dishwasher-safe removable cup to ensure an easy clean up. No more garlic-flavoured coffee beans!

Durable, polished stainless steel built to last. 300ml, 10oz large-size cup.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lillian Y.
Spice Grinder

I love my grinder. It is easy to use and works quickly. I highly recommend it.

Spice grinding made easy

I love this grinder. It is efficient, easy to use and easy cleanup.

Nikolas N.

Finally a spice grinder that has an internal lid to stop small amounts of spices leaking out or protect you from inhaling after grinding. Worth the price and I loved it so much I bout 3 more for all my family members for there houses.

Sue L.
Versatile grinder

Does a great job. Love the fact that you can grind spices and coffee with the ability to remove the cup. No leftover odors. I highly recommend this little unit.

Ruthe A.
Great addition

This may be the best grinder I’ve tried. The ability to remove the cup is awesome. No smells from any grinding remain in the SS cup. I’ve ground pepper and it can be ground to any desired fineness. The only downside is you have to use a fair amount of peppercorns resulting in more than needed. I do like the grind and have no issue with an extra jar for leftovers. The hand grinder is great at the table but this sure saves time. I have also ground mustard seed which I used to do with mortar/pestle. This does a fantastic neat job. I don’t do coffee, my coffee maker does this for me. I highly recommend this little unit.