• Precision Kitchen & Coffee Scale with Timer

Precision Kitchen & Coffee Scale with Timer

Precision Kitchen & Coffee Scale with Timer


0.1-gram accuracy for high precision up to 3kg; extra-bright contrast LCD screen with timer functionality for coffee and pour-over.

Ultra-responsive; no delay when pouring and weighing ingredients. Units in grams (g), ounces (oz), and milliliters (ml).

Non-slip removable dishwasher-safe silicone pad.

There are two foam strips under the platform to ensure the product arrives safely. Make sure to remove these before use or the scale will not function properly!

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Customer Reviews

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This is not a precision scale

I was weighing yeast and it didn’t even register until after 5g has been poured into the container on the scale. My 5g of yeast was 11g when weighed on my other scale. Often jumps +/- 2g when I’m weighing. All in all it doesn’t even come close to being fit for purpose. I have experienced similar issues with their other scale as well

I love this scale!

I use my scale as a second scale for weighing my ground espresso coffee and portafilter prior to pulling the shot. It is very accurate, yes down to 0 1g! I don't find the timer helpful for pulling shots because it doesn't have an automatic function. For the price point this scale is awesome!

Precise scale

Needed a scale for my coffee beans This was a replacement. I x cellr t and accurate

Aaron S.
Good coffee scale

Good scale for coffee. Many features of scales multiple times the price. Wish it had an AC power option. Uses 2 AAA batteries, FYI.

Bob g.
Good product

.very happy with scale. Like the size and the portability