• Carrying Case for Sahara Dehydrator

Carrying Case for Sahara Dehydrator

Carrying Case for Sahara Dehydrator

Fits: The Sahara dehydrator, a set of 7 shelves (with shelf case), and outside pocket storage. Designed to make it easy to take it with you on the go.

Carrying handle, shoulder strap, heavy duty zippers, and durable nylon construction with a padded base.

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Customer Reviews

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Dalene H.
Carrying case

Well made, sturdy and fits dehydrator.

Bonnie M.
Nice Case

It is made pretty well, but I found it a bit tight to get the unit into the fitted compartment at first, but I figure that it should be easier the more that I use it. Also I was able to get a few of the silicone mats & extra mesh mats in as well. Plus, the extra tray storage case is a nice addition.

Bill G.
Just The Ticket

I bought the Sahara dehydrator, case and a complete compliment of netted and silicone tray sheets. Upgrading from an old American Harvest dehydrator I have used for 30 years. All I have to say is…Wow. All components are top notch. I was interested in the Sahara due to the foldability. I live in a small home and storage space is at a premium. Also, most other high-end dehydrators are taller than they are wide. Many are so tall they would not fit under my kitchen cabinets when placed on the counter. This unit is the opposite and gives me ample space between the bottom of the cabinets and the top of the dehydrator. I do not need to worry about the heat warping the wood. As to using the dehydrator itself, it is straight forward and easy to comprehend. Opening and collapsing the Sahara is simple and takes just a minute or two. Controls and display are top notch. Those complaining about poorly fitting doors or air-gaps are knit-picking. Doors are slightly gapped at the bottom, big deal. As for the air-gaps…you must have air flowing to dehydrate. It’s not a closed system. Hell, the Indians did it out in the open. Case quality is very good. Outer padded case holds the Sahara and the inner case which holds all 7 stainless trays, netted liners and silicone liners. Excellent design for storage and light travel. My only complaint is, and it’s a minor one, the dehydrator is a tight fit into the case. If it were just a hair longer in width and length it would be perfect. The Sahara is a joy to use and is way more efficient than my old American Harvest. If you are looking for a large capacity dehydrator and the idea of it collapsing down to a third of its size (packed) for storage is appealing…take the plunge. I am happy I did.

Durable and perfect fit

The fabric and zipper on the Sahara Carry Case is very durable and excellent workmanship. Nice security strapping on the inside. The only drawback in the cross over shoulder strap in which one side has to be unhooked to properly open. Otherwise I look forward to many years of protection for the Sahara Dehydrator.

Joseph O.

Great product. Protects our dehydrator perfectly.