• Classic VG2 Knife Sharpener

Classic VG2 Knife Sharpener

Classic VG2 Knife Sharpener


Fast and Simple | Patented spring action bars invented in Austria by a master knife maker make sharpening easy and foolproof. Updated extra-hard tungsten carbide sharpens knives to a razor edge. Rugged PA 66 Nylon base.

3-Action | Sharpen (remove metal and cut a new edge), hone (re-align without removing metal), or use on serrated knives just by changing the angle of the blade. Get professional results easier and faster with this triple-action sharpener.

Auto-Adjusting | The precision tungsten-carbide sharpeners automatically adjust to the angle of the knife blade to fit all knives from 11 degrees (super-sharp fillet knifes) to 21 degrees (rugged chopping blades), including serrated and high-quality Damascus knives.

Safe for All Knives | Re-align edges before they roll over and dull without the fear of damaging blades. The honing function will keep knives razor sharp without removing any metal.

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Customer Reviews

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Laurence A.
Nice sharpener !

I bought this sharpener to mainly sharpen steak knives for our restaurants and since have tried on other knives,especially serrated and it does a great job. Just make sure to follow the suggested angles as to not take too much steel off. But great sharpener and price would definitely recommend especially for serrated knives !

Mark Novitske

my 2nd one.....great product....best in the industry....

Great Knife Sharpener!

We have struggled to keep our knives sharp. It is very easy to use. Our knives were very dull. After using the device to hon the knives and then sharpen them, they are nice and sharp. It will be handy to use to keep my knives sharp.
I like that you can sharpen serrated knives as well. Another bonus is that we will be able to replace the sharpening arms when they eventually need replacing... I also like how it looks siting on my counter.

Debora Pinkas
Great Product and Great Customer Service

A big shoutout to B&T customer service--my first sharpener had a tension problem and it was immediately replaced with no hassle. My knives are now sharp and I'm a happy cook.

Mark Liepmann
The one I now recommend

I make high performance kitchen knives that combine art & engineering so it’s logical that I recommend a sharpener with the same properties. I own and have tried a lot of pull throughs over the years but none that matched my knives. Great sharpener thats cool enough looking to let you leave on the counter next to your knife block for convenient & easy honing & sharpening.

Sharp made simple. Brod & Taylor's Knife Sharpeners are built with a unique sharpening technology to sharpen any knife with ease. Ultra-hard, precision ground tungsten carbide sharpening surfaces, like those used in high-precision machine tools, quickly create a more perfect “v” shape and a superior cutting edge. The carbide sharpeners are mounted on patented spring-action bars that adjust automatically to different blade angles. With the variable angle capability, our sharpeners work beautifully on standard knives, serrated knives, single-bevel Japanese knives, hunting and pocket knives, and more.

Glass Mug Features Infographic

Technology. Brød & Taylor sharpeners use two extremely hard, man-made tungsten carbide sharpeners ground to a specialized shape. Mounted on a spring-action bars, the patented system functions as 3 distinctly different sharpeners.

Hone. With the knife tip up - realign a rolled edge without removing metal. Great for daily maintenance.

Sharpen. With the knife tip down - quickly restore the correct bevel shape to very dull or damaged knives.

Serrated. For serrated knives, pull the knife through at an angle to hone and sharpen each serration.

Brød & Taylor Knife Sharpener Comparison

Our VG2 and Original sharpeners use the same tungsten carbide sharpening technology, but the VG2 creates sharper edges on even the hardest knives, has a wider blade angle range, and lasts up to 2x longer.